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The Power of Projection

People like people who are like themselves.

This one-day workshop teaches individuals how to present themselves with authority and authenticity. It achieves this by incorporating an unusual combination of technical tools from NLP and creative theatre techniques.  The results are a guaranteed ability to connect with the audience and create charisma with your message.


Most executives and entrepreneurs know how to present their business and themselves.  What they may not have learned is the intricacies of how to stand out from the competition naturally and ensure that their message is remembered long after. 




  • Mastering a self-confident and professional presence in front of an audience of one or many

  • Honing a powerful and unique communication style using  NLP tools

  • Learning how to stimulate easy interaction with an audience

  • Mastering ways to create rapport and increase message integration

  • Learning style preference and create innate rapport

  • Connecting directly, on the telephone and email.with desired results

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