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Influence with Integrity

People like people who are like themselves.


This workshop introduces participants to the unique integral power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It illustrates how to build significant team communication and relationships, and understand the influence of verbal and non-verbal behaviour. You learn how to tap into your past achievements and use them today. 


The half-day session covers:


  • Right/left brain and whole brain thinking

  • History and rationale of NLP

  • Preferred representational systems and eye accessing clues

  • Innate rapport building tools

  • Logical levels for organizing thinking, information gathering and communication

  • Anchoring – develop an empowered state and master any crisis



  • Improved ability to generate commitment and enthusiasm from the people around you

  • Ways to achieve the results you want with ease

  • Heightened sensitivity and ability to be a key team member or leader

  • Handle any ‘state’ with diplomacy and charisma

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