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All the World's a Stage

What is Your Role?


This highly interactive workshop gives you chance to find out more about you – how you come across in your business and personal life and how you are perceived   This is achieved through exploring the key roles found in the world of theatre.  They are the Actor, Producer, Director and Stage Manager.  These people bring unique strengths to a successful production.  These same strengths are mirrored in the business stage and are key to the successful outcome of any project.


The workshop can be facilitated during a lunch and learn, breakout, or retreat session as well as a half day inhouse session.  It can be tailored to any size group – from small, more intimate to larger highly energized  sessions.




  • A clear understanding of who you really are, and how to adjust to others natural style effectively

  • An increased knowledge of how to develop a balanced team to ensure every area of a project is successfully covered.

  • A significant increase in team building within the group

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