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What People Are Saying...

Katrina White
Co-founder of Crysalyst


“I had the great pleasure of attending two of Kelly Burnett's incredibly powerful and life affirming workshops: Mission Possible and Power of Projection.  Mission Possible transformed how I looked at all areas of my life to create my personal vision, mission and plan to achieve them, which I am happy to announce all my goals have come to fruition.” 

Carol Roberts
Founder and CEO at Stellar by Choice Consulting

“Most people have some sort of reservation about Public Speaking and Kelly Burnett is quick to demystify and quell this common trepidation and fear. Kelly is deft at helping business leaders and individuals to become more confident and project a powerful and professional presence.”


Oksana Chikina  (MBA PMP CPA CMA)
General Manager at Karrikina Group Canada

“Kelly is one of the most authentic and genuine coaches I had a pleasure to work with. She invests her whole heart in the success of her clients and goes far beyond the typically expected client-coach relationship. Her group and individual sessions are distinguished by a very deep level of mutual trust and connection.”


Joel Denbe
RBC Olympian and National Ambassador at Tennis Canada

“I have had the opportunity to work with Kelly this past year and she has completely transformed the way I speak to audiences. She has given me the tools and confidence to continually deliver high-impact speeches that resonate with people beyond my time on stage. Kelly is a warm, genuine person who is a pleasure to work with on a continual basis. I am truly lucky to have her in my life!”


Phil Emery
Creative Director

"I’ve gone to a lot of workshops over the years and Kelly’s has been the best one I’ve ever been to, bar none. In one session she provided more real-world, useful and insightful tips and techniques then you usually get in a 6 month course. And you remember it as well, as at the end you realize she uses the techniques she teaches you and they do in fact, work. Highly, highly recommended - especially if you’re an entrepreneur."


Richard Cantin


"As a VP of Sales and Marketing in the hi-tech industry, I have considerable public speaking experience and usually ranked high in audience feedback.  So what more could you offer me?


The answer no was you helped me build on what I already had.  I could

  • Pique the audience’s interest earlier

  • Keep the audience engaged and wanting to listen

  • Retain a closer contact with the audience


This is NOT one of those training experiences where you go back to work and shelve the information.  This is something that has the ability to stay with me and significantly improve my enjoyment and impact at work and in my personal life. Thank you for your help, your passion and your intimate understanding of the Power of Projection."


Ken Forler
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency

"Your course was easily the best course I have attended in almost 25 years with the federal government.  It was interesting, informative and enjoyable.  It has definitely improved my facilitating capabilities."


Laurelea Conrad

"I have many years experience presenting and pitching to corporations as part of my career as a Creative Director and Sales Leader in International PR agencies.  I’ve attended agency sponsored training sessions in Chicago, and New York.  I learnt, more recently about the essence of what makes a winning presentation and how to ensure you succeed brilliantly from Calyx Consulting’s one day workshop.  Whether you are a veteran presenter, or a shy stumbling rookie, Calyx delivers excellent value.  Applause, Applause."


Jennifer Rae
Vice President Theatre Relations, IMAX Corporation

"Thank you Kelly for your contribution to the success of IMAX days.  Our goals for this event were very ambitious, but we succeeded in large part because of the high caliber of the people who were part of the core team.  You were certainly one of those and your expanded role this year in helping to shape the sessions as well as to enhance our presentations made a big difference. Thanks for being a true professional and making us look good."


Nick Dabrensky
Regional Manager Alternate Channels Bell West, AT&T Canada Sales

"I wanted to provide you with some feedback on the workshop you facilitated for my team.  First, let me say that overall the workshop was excellent.  The material was well prepared and moved at a good pace;  the context was relevant to our industry.  My team found the course worthwhile and I have seen the positive results in their presentations both informal and to our prospects and clients.  Thank you."


Ruth Armstrong

"Mission Possible worked for me.  I’ve never been happier.  This program  really gives you the answers you are looking for.  Whether you are looking for a way, or a way out, or just need something new and you don’t know what, this is for you.  I found my vision, developed a strategic plan to achieve this and moved from a downtown executive corporate role, to my dream career outside of Toronto.  It all came together."


Janet Battaglio

"I decided to take the Mission Possible workshop, and after careful planning, an opportunity, and a huge leap of faith I stepped out on my own to follow my dreams.  I was leaving the security of the corporate world, but I had no choice after I recognized what I wanted to do. Your program helped me to face what I feared the most, and give myself permission to move forward.  All kinds of doors were opening for me. 

I would not have taken this leap of faith without your support.  The biggest benefit was the seamless transition from "I can’t" to "I can."



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