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Executive Coaching

Honing your professional skills one-on-one.


Personalized coaching sessions are tailored to the specific presentation and communication needs and incorporate a series of advanced modules to achieve these.


Areas examined include:


  • Preparing memorable scripts using business language that is impactful and entertaining

  • Adopting advanced voice techniques practiced by professional actors

  • Learning dynamic persuasive techniques to inspire and motivate

  • Preparing and fielding questions dealing and dealing with diffcult audiences

  • Developing personal style and charisma

  • Developing a multi-media prop support for message emphasis

  • Working on state of the art memory and mind mapping devices for message control

  • Incorporating pre-presentation strategies and exercises used by international speakers

  • Creating in depth storytelling improvisations to support the power of authenticity

  • Adopting physiology exercises for stage ownership

  • Practicing core techniques for rapport building and audience control

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