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The Board Game

Ask yourself – how convincing are you?


Most executives and entrepreneurs are quite comfortable presenting their business. Sometimes, however, they are given the opportunity to present something ‘on the fly’ that may take them out of their comfort zone and require them to successfully sell a new strategy or plan.


The Board Game works with this concept. It is a simulated session that puts you in front of a Board of Directors of a fictional organization. There is a scenario that gives you the opportunity to promote/sell or convince a board to vote on a new strategy, product or situation.  It combines a game playing experience together with a very real communication challenge, and has a definite team building  result to the experience.


A detailed outline of the company is sent to you two weeks before in order to prepare for the ‘meeting.’ Each board member will have certain concerns together with their own personal agenda.  It will be critical to identify and satisfy these. The subsequent ‘vote’ will tell you how successful you have been.       


Feedback from the Board will give you the insights to fine-tune this key skill.


Working with peers, your team or associates bring considerable opportunities to learn more about who you all are and how you can work together. 

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