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How effectively do you communicate?


Because of the power of technology, we take less time on the art of direct communication and presentation.  Sometimes this results in less impact and desired results when we do.  Calyx is passionate about the message –  how it is received, integrated and remembered.  Over the last 20 years we have worked with corporations, individual executives and entrepreneurs to develop their ability and authenticity in this area. 


Calyx is a communications company that incorporates the unique power of Neuro Linguistic Programming and theatre techniques to make good speakers outstanding. 

We have created opportunities for people to expand their knowledge and abilities, whether communicating with a team, an individual or an audience.  There is also an opportunity to learn how to communicate more effectively with yourself, to increase self confidence and a better understanding of your authenticity.  We offer a choice of individual coaching or workshops, and tailor the material to each individual.

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